The 2019 wishlist

IN every wish there will be glimpses of kind virtues, to encourage and console.

It could be something modest or even mundane, something fantastic or utterly practical.  It can take you to the other side of the world or a walk around the corner.

Wishing makes it easier to believe in happiness than pain – be it from daydreams, fantasies or castles in the air to aspirations which drive us forward and impel us to make things happen.  It can also be from recognizable goals to grand pipe dreams, and everything in between.

Looking into our record of wish lists, we realize how they reveal a lot of ourselves. Our wishes come straight from the core — it is about who we are or who we can become.

An energetic wishlist propels us to go after our happiness, whether in doing something generous or something for yourself.

It sets our goals from January 1st to our achievements to December 31st.  There’s the wish to accept my life for what it is and to embrace it;  live within my limitations; identify what really is my mission in life.

To experiment with life by mixing ingredients and trying new formulas, accepting that pain and disappointment are parts of life but don’t diminish it.

To acknowledge my weakness as I try to lower my life’s expectations. To stop being judgmental, overcoming all the sorrows life may have in store for me; to stop rudeness when I see it or when I do it.  I wish I could write my novel before I’m 80 and win respect for what I am and not for what I’ve done.

As I try to see things through the images of those around me. I’ll concentrate on the substance of their inner quality, conquer and put my faith in reason—if I could ask God one important question.  I wish I could speak more eloquently, with my actions more than the intelligence of words.  I wish I could repair one’s broken heart, overcome the difficulty in a relationship and leave a legacy of good feeling.

I wish I could mind my own business, overcome my impudence, know that I can overlook by creating rather than complaining.  I wish for clear judgment before the allure of words, to beat my deadline and not to give grief to my editor.   I wish I could look good without makeup, confront anxiety with grace and humor, and do laughing medications.  I wish I could not just meet but exceed expectations of people I love. 

Your wish list is the accumulated profile of your changing views of happiness, your own evolving values and your own fulfillment.  I wish all my wishes could come true — careful of what I wish for.

But if there’s something very clear about New Year’s, we can all look on the brighter side and celebrate hope, and the lengthening of each day from this point promises the vital return of spring.


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