The murder of innocents

“I am a woman’s advocate. I stand against abortion.” —Abby Johnson

ABBY Johnson is a woman through whose eyes the 2019 movie about abortion from her book, “Unplanned” is based. She was a former worker for Planned Parenthood, the biggest and most vile abortion factory in the world responsible for millions of deaths of the unborn. She is the founder of an organization, “And then There Were None (ATTWN),” that helps workers in abortion clinics to leave the evil industry behind.

Abby Johnson told a riveting, damning testimony of an abortion procedure using the ultrasound guided suction action at a Planned Parenthood facility in Central Texas. She started her career at the abortion chain in 2001 and rose up the ranks of Planned Parenthood (PP) as Center Director in the 8 years she spent there.

She tells of the story of how one tiny, 13-week old baby in the womb valiantly put up a fight moving away from the suction until his or her body finally went limp, his or her spine swirling up to the vacuum as the doctor callously remarked, “Beam me up, Scotty.” The story was so revolting, I had to close my eyes and say a prayer.

PP, a tax-exempt supposedly non-profit organization, gets taxpayer funding of half a billion dollars per year. Our taxes fund this evil enterprise which reported 345,672 abortions for a year, from October 2017 to September 2018. Think about it — 345,672 unborn lives snuffed out – just like that. Let that sink in for a moment.

How does this criminal enterprise get away with it? Working under the guise of fighting for women’s right to choose and the spurious pretext of women’s healthcare issues, Planned Parenthood is responsible for the outright murder of millions of the unborn, the most vulnerable of human beings. The womb has become the most dangerous place for human life.

There is serious money to be made in abortions. Baby parts are sold like commodities.

These tiny parts are used for research purposes purportedly to search for ways to enhance and extend the life of existing humans. How ironic! IThink about the barbarity and the inhumanity of such an enterprise existing and thriving in the world today. Ronald Reagan once remarked that those advocating abortion have already been born.

Abortion and eugenics were championed by Margaret Sanger beginning in 1916. Sanger was a true racist to the core, whose goal was to eradicate the black community. It is no wonder that PP clinics are located in minority communities.

For decades under different administrations of both parties, PP has flourished and it is only now that it is getting some serious pushback from the current Trump administration through defunding and other ways.

The funding spigot for funds going internationally for abortions in countries around the world has been turned off in the last three years. Praise God. Hallelujah for this respite! However, here in the US, there are many states that still fund the wholesale murder of the unborn.

Depending on whether the state is run by Democrats or Republicans, it has become clear that the unborn has a much better chance of surviving and thriving in places that consider protecting and caring for human life as a moral mandate from God in whose image and likeness we are all created. Life begins at the moment of conception. There should be no equivocation on this. That tiny clump of cells is not just a fetus, it is a baby.

God hears the unceasing, fervent prayers of warriors who fast and abstain imploring him for His direct intervention in the face of seemingly overwhelming odds in fighting the abortion abomination.

In the story of Christian redemption, God tapped Saul to become St. Paul whose life and work have become pivotal in the spread of Christianity. In the beginning, Saul, as a young, ambitious Jew holding Roman citizenship wanted to rise in the hierarchy of the Jewish Sanhedrin. He was eager to prove his mettle. Saul was hellbent on persecuting and murdering early Christians. There is a biblical account of him watching the cloaks of those who were stoning to death the first Christian martyr, St. Stephen, who staunchly refused to deny Christ as Savior.

God seems to tap into service human beings most unlikely to do His will. Abby Johnson’s life, as it unravels, seems to be a case in point as she sheds light on the horrors of abortion.

Abortion is just one of the evils of our time. So is human trafficking. We canot remain feckless fencesitters thinking abortion does not affect us. It does. We will all be held to account one day.

The war between good and evil rages. Which battles are we going to sign up for? There are no excuses no matter our station in life. We can do so in word, in deed and in fervent, unceasing prayers, fasting and abstinence. Depending on our situation in life, we can choose just one or do all we can until abortion is no more. For this battle, we need all hands on deck.

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Nota Bene: Monette Adeva Maglaya is SVP of Asian Journal Publications, Inc. To send comments, e-mail

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