This piece began as an act of friendship. But because friendship has no biological purpose, no economic status, savored without rules that turned out to be a sparkling conversation—with pauses now and then—its spheres are not always connected at the beginning. It was Lydia’s thoughts that gave this  piece a completion.

Our topics were exploratory, from one area to another. We talked with comfortable confidentiality—truthful and candid, with wit and charm that were so delightful—as she sorted out her young life through years of accomplishments and shares of trials.

She is on a threshold of a great job and a office as President of the Philippine Women’s University Alumni Association of Southern California (PWUAASC). Last Sunday, March 15 at the Gala Induction Dinner Ball, guests became part of a history and something new. They have elected a new president whose enormous intelligence and  great sense of commitment are surpassed only by her heart and generosity of spirit. A constant reminder “that we are not here to make a point, but to make a difference” as she sets an example.

She is aware that “there is one great presidential power, the power to persuade but words, the carries of ideas, have consequences. Successful ideas are moderate, amiable, reasonable, and that others are too.”

She is one of those distinguished ladies with whom age settles almost playfully. She believes that a “harmonious club or society depends on not treating all impulses as openly worthy of expression. It must depend on reticence and decorousness—insolence, arrogance and crudeness towards a fellow human being cannot be called honest self expression. There is prudence and consideration for the feeling of others. No one has a license to be unkind. A chip in sensitivity is unforgivable.”

When tranquil, as she usually is, Lydia V. Solis resembles a rock. When aroused, she is more oyster like, unquestioningly alive, but undemonstrative. Through the years, she has remained simple, a modest person who doesn’t talk about her accomplishments but continues to exceed everybody’s expectations.

She was gracious and patient to answer a few informal questions on that Gala night.

MDL: What are your most marked characteristics?

LVS: Obvious and inescapable, when I am able to help a fellow human being regardless of race, color or creed.

MDL: What is your greatest regret?

LVS: When my best is not enough.

MDL: What do you most value in your friends?

LVS: The joys of communications, reciprocal help, support, their mere presence.

MDL:  What is your idea of perfect happiness?

LVS: Happiness is fleeting, but you’ll find it the moment you meet your goals, your idealism all of which you could only attain if you respect the opinion of others, their attitude. Then analyze the rightness of things. Then pray for guidance and wisdom. Metaphysical intellect is important.

MDL: What is your greatest extravagance Ms. Lydia?

LVS: The grandchildren ofcourse! But I am generous to those who loves me. Kind to the weak, fierce to those who will order me around.

MDL: Thank you, for what you’re doing to the community, Ms. Lydia.

LVS: Ikaw naman. You’re welcome, Mylah! God Bless you!

Then she gave me a miscellaneous smile.

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