This is a little back story. It is about that day Piano Virtuoso Dexter Grey, dubbed The Maestro in the literary world of music and its horizon, created a splash in the Great Wall of China. It was once the greatest wonders of the world that streteched across the container of Asia like a sprawled giant dragon that divided half of the world from the other God’s green Earth. It became a magnificent bridge between East and West, through the music of the great masters in the grand performance of the Maestro. It united all mankind on the strains of a radiant peace and unquestioning love.

China’s central symbol sprawled out as far as the eye can see, in a winding stretch of concrete, explicit and sullen even in rapture, like a timeless romantic. To state that is manmade is not only sinful but blasphemous. Only an omnipotent God who could have created such a grandeur. Otherwise how could anyone justify its magnetic hold on hundreds of millions of people in stirring extraordinary emotions, whether they cheer the triumphant march of a leader, mourn its demise or revel that heart stopping countdown handing over of Hong Kong to China.

Compared to the Maestro’s world performances, at this concert on this magnificent wall, there were no international statesmen, royalty and presidents of the nation, but it might as well the whole of China’s heart and soul that welcomed him to play  on this sacred heritage, that was always with the harmonies of the world.

On hand were Ministry of Education, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Cultural Affairs, Music Association of China, Historic Costume Association , World American Cultural Exchanges. They all turned out en masse to greet The Maestro, like some head of the state or a noble King.

He was born for the spotlight.  He sat on the piano out front where the glow is, seeking and offering always the best performance that summoned the musical artistic accomplishment of our time.

The critics rhapsodized, gave out the best stories that chronicled his perfect style, in pictures and words, on TV and radio.

The Maestro’s comment “Music, more than our society’s affluence and leisure, our temper and our taste, .the pursuit of excellence is what counts.”

And on that aspect, the love of his life, dearly beloved wife Dr. Erlinda Dy Grey was making her own waves. The beautiful lady with pleasant manners and humanitarian endeavors was bestowed the Special Award by the Chinese Medical Community. And least we forget, The Dexter Ping Pong challenge, capped by a memorable Farewell Dinner. But who is the real Dexter Grey? The world renowned musical personality, pianist and showman, star of stage, screen and television and considered one of the greatest living pianist?

vIn the words of a famous but cynical and feared music critic: ”here is at last an American that we may place unapologetically beside the great recognized figures of any other country” The question is the answer?

On the 70th Anniversary Gala Dinner Night April 26, 2015. The Maestro will receive the Lifetime Achievement Award in the literary world of classical music,  from the Mayor of LA, together with the rest of the Public Officials and the officers of the Filipino-American Community of Los Angeles, led by the its President Austin Baul.


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