It was a month of passion, erudition, pastimes but mostly politics and government at every turn both here and across our country: in a trove of bemused reflection, of follies, tragedies and triumphs, a timeless  thirty one days that intrigued me, enjoyed me, filling my days… some troubled my nights, but gave me pause, pleasure and wonder and made me grateful for the gift of reflection, consciousness in those days that occupied my mind and commanded my pen.

I cant fancy myself that these matters to anyone (why should it?) as I asked myself each night what to write that will soar the spirit, elevate the minds,  fire the imagination…that which makes us fully human, through all the confusion, amusement, that surround us in the crush of daily events.

Literature has been called the news that lasts ; art, poetry, philosophy, science and nature while and all the things bright and beautiful promise, purity, elegance that transcends all, in the final analyze…all vow  to the sovereignty of politics, dominating our lives, maligning and making all around us wither, like a heap of rotting leaves in its power to produce circle of ruins. It  does not deserve even a grudging aspect for its  capacity for grandeur and delight at its best idealogy. But politics rule and we’re stuck with political tolerance.

I’ve chosen to give space about the daily life of the Fil Am Community: tentative, incremental, ever improvised back and forth, that regardless occupies attention…the personalities and  peccadilloes, to things that come and go…these contingencies can not be ignored.

Here are some of the more transient more partisan, redundant events: gentle  tributes in a redundancy: they’ll lose their interest over time. They fade from memory acceptance and recognition is still the deepest human yearning…

Finally overdue recognition of Ka Larry Pelayo for media leadership came, from the Federation of Filipino American Association headed by Dr. Leo Pandac: Joe Cobilla reaped the elusive Bayanihan Spirit award in photography, Romeo Balboa Conquered  Kilimanjaro: Johnny Pecayo, publisher/editor in Chief of Manila-US Times drives around a Bentley… in a biggest comeback in the media world, sending some friends into convulsions.  PPP-USA Pres. Jimmy Hernandez and wife Vilma Hernandez, in association with Beverly Hills Philantropist,  health world entrepreneur , Vina Nacionales sent the first of six balikbayan   boxes of books to Camarines Sur. Fellow PPP-USA Bobby and Loida Crisostomo, Bobby and Thelma Saddul, Irwin and Nits Jazmines, Thonix and Grace Castillo… the National Union of Journalists of the Philippines (NUJP-USA) on its 5th year of the Maguindanao Massacre Memorial event…continues their fight for justice for the 32 journalists who were killed in Maguindanao (with no resolution yet to the case) Nympha Rueda and Fe Koons  leads the group: since 1986, the NUJP had documented 171 Media filings in the country, more than 30 of these since President Benigno Aquino III assumed office in 2010. The Philippines remains the third most deadly country for journalist next only to war torn Irag  and Somalia.

Bernie Targa Ganon’s Zumbaa class at the FACLA which started with 15 participants sweating women of ages…in a most fun filled dancing for weight loss: they are inviting all dancing queens. Enjoy the bonding and camaraderie, after each class, lots of women activities coming up!

The most gratifying award a school teacher could ever have  from the LAUSD  was given to Gerardo Morada Educator of the year.

Vanessa Dichoso has mastered academic  achievement in Science that garnered her a spot in an esteemed list of Notre Dame Academy List of Science Scholars…Parents Van and Dr. Marilou Dichoso are beaming with pride, and so are family friends. At the Philippine Heritage Institute. Gala night recipient of its highest accolade was bestowed on Ms. Annie Cuevas-Lim, former Director of Tourism and Ms. Lolita Bandung , beauty queen, President of  Pacific Asia Museum and Community Leader.

Ms. Zeny Sabocor is  Kalayaan Ball 2013  Chairman. It was unanimous, unopposed and excellent choice of the Kalayaan Board of Directors.

In the Party Scene…” Swing along with FASO,”  has yet to be matched in its razzmatazz. In a gala night of the glitz and glitter of the roaring 20’s Maestro Robert Shroder took us to the Golden Genre of Tom Dorsey, Glen Miller, Cole Porter, Artie Shaw. Maestro Robert has done  not only terrific, elevated things in music…if the Fil Am Community were asked what human wonder in the field of music, is…we would collectively roar…The Maestro!!! Then add ruefully, we would be bragging, of course.

Gentle readers,  this society reporting remains untouched. Imperfect, unimproved, unapologetically mine.


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