BBM-USA Chairman Fernandico Q. Gonong guided his guest, Greggy Araneta through a throng of folks, men and women alike, swathed in all shades of red.

It was not a social occasion, although judging from the guests who came—summoned or personally invited, or even those who gate crashed—it might as well have been the biggest revelry for the month.

It had a lively program that had no cue cards. The camaraderie overflowed  with the simplest joys. One song sung by coloratura soprano Aida Reyes was about something they’ve never done but only imagined.

BBM-USA’s biggest assembly to date had an overall atmosphere of the simplest joys, same righteous sense of belonging and respect.

Whatever secrets that were kept in their hearts at first, were now out in the open, rejoicing for Sen. Bongbong Marcos’s quest for leadership — represented by that wonderful afternoon by Greggy Araneta.

The photo opportunity couldn’t  here come at a better time.  Here are the   revelers, led by Carlos Manlapaz, of the Paredes Clan.

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