In the Bible, in both the Old and New Testament, it is said that it can be read in many ways.  For some, it is the purest literature we have in the English language, for others it is a compendium of information on struggling, suffering, rejoicing human nature and redemption.

Still for others, it constitutes divine teaching, like Filipino-American lay preacher and retired mechanical engineer Camilo Graza.  His vision and insight of decades of evangelism are contained in his book, “Passport to Heavenly Eternal Life.”  For the first time ever, in a message of faith that touches hearts and souls, he describes his vision of a pathway to heaven.   Now off the press, Graza’s book shares his church’s faith — both in the Philippines and the US.

As a layman preacher, Graza looks at it all with down to earth warmth and candor, remembering his early preaching experience, based on his unshakeable belief in Christ.

He maintains an impeccable reputation by urging cooperation, rather than competition, among religious people as well as layman.  This characteristic is carried over when he advises people in matters of retirement, pensions and estate planning as a member of the Million Dollar Insurance Round Table Organization, in addition to advocating his faith among all religious people.

It took three years for the book to come of the press, and I have shared Graza’s thoughts the entire time he wrote the book.

The interview

“To be honest, I never thought I would write this book,” he initially said.

He felt he was simply too busy for such an extension project, not only because of his preachings but his other responsibilities that demanded tremendous amount of time and decision-making.

“It would be beyond my ability to write such a book alone, I’ll surely need help from others but where would I ever find them, and how could he ever encompass a lifetime of ministry and the message he wished to convey in one volume?,” he said.

“But most of all, everything accomplished through my life has been solely God’s doing the main thrust of our message is centered on Christ and what He has done for us, by His death and resurrection and the need for us to respond by committing our lives to Him; who came to forgive us and heaven waits, with a new life, as we turn to Him through the pathway to eternal heaven. Through these pages, the reader will discover his how I have sought (however imperfect) to follow, God’s vision of God’s plan for this world…heaven awaits. Then all efforts have been worth it.”

What is the message?

“First of all, about God – He created us in His image.  [He] created us and love us, so that we may live in harmony and fellowship with Him.  He put us here for a purpose, and that should become the foundation and center of our lives — not to be separated and alienated from God through sin, as we choose our own way, His rightful place in our lives, away from the moral chaos and heartache of our world. The headlines scream everyday that we live in a broken sin-ravaged world.”

The message of the book declares God’s love, it yearns to forgive and bring us back to Himself, our lives filled with meaning and purpose right now.

“He wants us to spend all eternity with Him, free forever from the pain, the sorrow and the death of this world.”

This is an inspiring book of how a man of God examined his life and ministry from a wise and humble perspective that has made him beloved and respected, in an unforgettable book that will be treasured by readers.


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