They all came to “meet and greet” ABS-CBN Foundation International Managing Director, Ms. Jo Ann Kyle in her recent LA visit.

Driven by a culture of caring and sharing and by formidable global communities of people with faith and patriotism, the fundraisers came to be counted.

They are dedicated, even to the tiniest of ways in eradicating poverty and restoring human dignity among the poorest of the poor. Volunteerism has different forms and faces. Quiet and unobtrusive Fil-Am philanthropers, press clubs, various media and newspaper organizations, and numerous socio-civic organizations re-affirmed their commitment of support for ABS-CBN Foundation International.

In a casual yet inspiring tone, Ms. Jo Ann Kyle said: “as the contributions continue to come in, we are reminded that this critical work is only made possible by the generosity of the Global Filipino Community. The checks come with letters and stories that paint a picture of the most remarkable heroes amongst us.”

Ms. Kyle related some of the most poignant and heart-rending stories, which made the resolve of the fundraisers present that night even stronger: wherever we are, our hearts go back to our country — especially in time of calamities.

ABS-CBN Foundation International is a non-profit organization, dedicated to improving the lives of disadvantaged families in the Philippines and around the world. Its flagship program, Bantay Bata (Child Watch) is a child abuse rescue operation that responds to an average of 15,300 calls of assistance each year.

The program assists more than 21,000 children and families in relocation communities, and feeds at least 4,400 severely malnourished children a year, with an education program that serves 4.2 million elementary school children and their teachers.

Other programs include Sagip Kapamilya (disaster rescue, relief and rehabilitation, ETV – school reform in elementary schools) and Sagip Kalikasan (environmental program) issues on youth truancy, housing, the elderly, health and emergency needs.

Here in the US, the organization partners with Fil-Am organizations and associations in addressing these issues.

And in each of these dreams, there is hope to open new worlds — even as it imposes new responsibilities.

For these are the dreams that have enlarged men and the faith which sustains them.

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