Work from the heart

AT the Filipino American Service Group, Inc. (FASGI), work is love made visible as it charms, cajoles and caresses. There we find dreamers who do– those who don’t just entrust their hopes and wishes to the stars. Every day begins with learning more of the crafts that enables one to reach for those dreams; of keeping faces toward change, gaining strength, courage and confidence by every experience gained in public service; and the acceptance that it doesn’t mean the rest of the community will think it’s wonderful or even worthwhile. Other people won’t necessarily bless or appreciate their efforts that paying as little attention as possible to these doubts or derision could be an order of their day. Work is a marathon, not a sprint. It is not even how fast a project comes at a time, but how steadily it is pursued. Yet, it is not all work and no play — there are affordable splendors out there.

On a recent Saturday evening at the Philippine Village in Eagle Rock,  FASGI honored Lakambini Rosemarie Mejia. The sight of tables after tables covered the whitest bolts of fabrics, flowers, and splashed color of rusts, wintergreens, saffron, teal and ruby — cut, glued, stapled, draped and hung done by kindred spirits and creative risk takers. Call it “reduced circumstances” in an intimidating mystery, done through sterling shortcuts, as Bernie Targa Ganon said.

That evening FASGI “opened” its heart with gratitude to supporters, friends, members, as they go through the changes of a new era inspired and guided by compassion, inspiration purity of intentions and goals, FASGI Executive Director Yey Coronel shared. It was also an evening to thank Rosemarie for representing FASGI, as well as for all those who supported their muse and her birthday.

The birthday festival had songs that changed a moment with Soprano Dame Aida Bautista Reyes and ideas that can change goals for a civic organization. Fernandico Q. Gonong briefed and inspired the civic leaders, who listened to his every nugget and little pebbles that when put together, make a boulder. His decision to take part in the FACLA elections as a shoo-in director has propelled gushes for the most awaited fresh winds of change at the organization.

Ka Larry Pelayo regained his title as ‘Ballroom King’ while Joy Marivic Macainan and Bobby Crisostomo put together a tapestry of photos that very well spoke of the night as it honored its muse.

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