Majority of Filipinos want death penalty back

A Social Weather Stations (SWS) survey released on Wednesday, October 10, revealed that almost six in every 10 Filipinos or are in favor of the revival of capital punishment for heinous crimes.

The SWS survey conducted among 2,000 Filipino adults nationwide from March 22 to 27 showed that 59 percent of respondents agreed that the death penalty should be restored, while only 23 percent disagreed.

However, it emphasized that only 33 percent of Filipinos wanted death penalty if there were other punishment options for those who committed serious crimes related to illegal drugs.

“The only exception is the crime of rape under the influence of drugs, for which a minority 47 percent think the death penalty should apply,” SWS said.

Death penalty vs. Imprisonment

On one hand, about 22 to 33 percent of the respondents that were pro-death penalty demanded for the implementation of capital punishment among those convicted of drug-related crimes such as importation of illegal drugs, maintenance of drug dens, manufacture of illegal drugs, murder under the influence of drugs, sale of illegal drugs and working in drug dens.

On the other, SWS said that 70 percent of the respondents called for imprisonment instead of death. A total of 78 percent wanted jail time for those who work in drug dens. Some 76 percent for selling illegal drugs and 73 percent for maintenance of drug dens.

Another 69 percent favors imprisonment over murder under the influence of drugs, 68 percent on the importation of illegal drugs and 66 percent on the manufacturing of illegal drugs.

“Demand for imprisonment as a punishment for those guilty of rape under the influence of drugs is 53 percent,” the polling firm added.

The poll ultimately yielded a “moderate” net agreement of +26. Thus, indicating the difference between the percentage of respondents who approved and disapproved of the proposed law.

It can be recalled that Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte eagerly promised the return of capital punishment during his presidential campaign for the 2016 elections.

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