Select foreign nationals allowed to enter the Philippines

THE Philippine Consulate General in Los Angeles this week released an advisory detailing which foreign nationals can travel to the Philippines as the pandemic continues.

“The entry to the Philippines of a foreign national is still dependent on the specific circumstances of each foreign national as determined by the Bureau of Immigration,” it noted.

Below is the list of foreign nationals allowed to enter the Philippines, as of August 10:

• Filipino citizens/Dual citizens
• Foreign government and international organization officials and their dependents
• Foreign spouse/child traveling or joining Filipino spouse/parent
• Foreign airline crew/seafarers
• Sec. 13 visa holders
• RA 7919 visa holders
• EO 324 visa holders
• Native-born visa holders
• Indian nationals with temporary resident visas
• Chinese nationals with permanent resident visas by reason of marriage to a Filipino.

The advisory also said that Sec. 13 visa holders, RA 7919 visa holders, EO 324 visa holders, and Native-born visa holders are required under the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases (IATF-EID) Resolution No. 56 to have pre-booked an accredited quarantine facility and COVID-19 testing provider.

Sec. 13 visa holders refers to holders of Quota visas, and Immigrant visas issued by reason of marriage to a Filipino, to a returning former Filipino, to a child born to an immigrant visa holder, and to a returning alien resident.

RA 7919 visa holders refers to aliens holding permanent resident status in the Philippines pursuant to Republic Act No. 7919 or the Alien Social Integration Act, while EO 324 visa holders refers to aliens holding permanent resident status pursuant to Executive Order No. 324 series of 1988 or the Alien Legalization Program of 1988.

Native-born visa holders, on the other hand, refers to children born in the Philippines whose parent/s are lawful permanent resident aliens – usually holders of RA 7919 or EO 324 visas.

Entry visa for foreign spouses

The BI also announced that foreign spouses and dependents of Filipino citizens will need visas to enter the country.

“Foreign spouses of Filipinos must now secure entry visas from our Consulates abroad before traveling to the Philippines. Otherwise, they will be denied entry by our immigration officers and sent back to their ports of origin,” said Immigration Commissioner Jaime Morente in a statement.

The requirement also applies to children of Philippine citizens and children with special needs, regardless of age, as well as to foreign parents of Filipino and children with special needs, also regardless of age.

The new requirement took effect on August 9.

BI Port Operations Acting Chief Grifton Medina, meanwhile, said foreign spouses, dependents and parents of Filipinos who are holders of long-term visas do not need to apply for a new entry visa.

“Those aliens who already hold valid permanent and temporary resident visas which they acquired by reason of marriage to Filipinos under Section 13(a) of the Philippine Immigration Act can enter the country anytime,” he said.

He also reminded foreign spouses of Filipinos to always bring with them their authenticated marriage certificates and other supporting documents when traveling to the Philippines so they could readily present them when asked to do so by immigration officers.

“There have been many instances already wherein foreign passengers claiming to be spouses of Filipinos were turned back by our officers at the airport due to their failure to show proof of marriage,” said Medina.


  2. Im borned in the philippines with german passport holders through adoption.
    Am i allowed to enter Philippines due covid travel restriction?

  3. I AM a former Filipino now US passport holder . Entered Philippine several times before under Bakikbayan program. Can enter again now?

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