Lombard By The Bay: Retiring in style plus investment

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Retired accountant from Orange County, California Ernie Delfin knows a good investment when he sees one.   So it was not hard for him to decide on reserving a condo unit at Lombard By The Bay, which is becoming one of the fastest-rising property developments in Montemaria, Batangas.

Ernie Delfin

“I decided to reserve a condo unit at (this) Lombard By The Bay for two main reasons:  First, my wife is from Batangas City (but on the other side of town — Bgy. Tingga Itaas going to Ibaan), said Delfin.  “Second, although at our retirement age, it’s a great feeling (and wise) to know that what we are investing is also an asset that can appreciate in value at the same time be enjoyed by the family now, that we will eventually can leave to our children and their children.

He also added that it’s nice to be part of a new resort community that promises to be like property developments in Manila where you can just go down from your unit to stroll and become like a tourist in your own city — but with fresh air, favorable climate and with friends within minutes.

Aimed at providing the most fulfilling experience for its residence and guests, Lombard By The Bay is just a two-hour drive from Manila.  Situated on a plateau overlooking the beautiful Verde Island Passage which is considered the center of marine biodiversity in the world, it promises to be the perfect destination for retirees and tourists — local or not.  It is also in close proximity to the tallest statue of the Virgin Mary, Mother of All Asia, towering at 317 ft.

Delfin, who also gives financial advice, believes that Lombard By The Bay is a good investment.

“Definitely, especially to those family who have some disposable income (savings) that are not earning enough to out space inflation,” he explained and then added, “Also to fellow senior citizens who have lots of equity in their primary house in the U.S., where they may consider just pulling some cash (to pay their unit in full via Reverse Mortgage).  This can give them tangible benefits.”

He added that instead of just one asset with low appreciation value — like their primary house in the U.S. — reserving a unit (or two) with Lombard By The Bay is the perfect investment.

“In this great location, now two or three properties are appreciating without any cash outflow problem as the reverse mortgage taken out need not to be paid until it is sold or inherited by the homeowner’s children,” he said.

Lombard By The Bay is a 2.1-hectare development and a joint venture between Premier Asia Pacific Real Estate and Development, Inc. and Omnicor Industrial Estate & Realty Center, Inc.

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