Locsin: Canada garbage ready to go

Containers of garbage from Canada are being fumigated in Subic before being shipped to the North American country. | Photo courtesy of DFA

Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) Secretary Teodoro “Teddyboy” Locsin Jr on Tuesday, May 28, announced in a Twitter post that the garbage from Canada is set to leave the Philippines on May 30.

“All containers containing garbage cleaned and ready to go. Waiting for a couple of documents and routine permission from China for transshipment to Canada. Departure is May 30,” Locsin wrote in his tweet as reported by Rappler.

“And on this day the foreign garbage imported by native idiots became good and ready to go,” the foreign affairs secretary added as reported by The Philippine Star.

The country’s supposed top diplomat attributed the success of such move to President Rodrigo Duterte. According to Locsin, Duterte “pushed the right button” in the said garbage conflict between the Philippines and the North American country.

“It is nicer to be appreciative. To President Duterte for pushing the right button – believe me no one advised him – and to Canada for fully cooperating to get it done as he wanted: pronto. Created under PNoy; left to fester four years; solved by Duterte,” Locsin explained.

Locsin also shared the instances wherein other officials would not dare to call out Canada for the fear of having a sour relationship with the first-world country.

“I am having problems with fellow officials hungry to emigrate to Canada so want to keep friendly relations at the expense of defying Duterte and keeping Canadian garbage here,” Locsin said without naming the mentioned officials.

He further noted that “if our officials had done something about it, Canadian garbage would have been long returned to sender.” He also warned “anybody (who) gets in the way — one way or another, I will screw you dry. Don’t provoke me.”

The foreign affairs secretary also expressed his indifference to where the garbage would possibly end up. He emphasized that he is only after its departure from the Philippines and nothing more.

“I actually don’t give two f**ks where that garbage was gonna go. All I know is it is ready to go. Anyone throw a monkey wrench and I will burn his village,” Locsin said.

However, the secretary commended the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, Canadian Ambassador John Holmes and Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland for their close coordination in resolving the garbage row between the two countries.

“They’re not bullying us; they’re fully cooperating in taking back the garbage pronto,” Locsid said as he noted that Canada earlier announced it has hired a company to ship out its garbage from the Philippines by the end of June.

The Philippine government reportedly recalled its ambassador to Canada after the Canadian government failed to meet the May 15 deadline for its retrieval of the tons of garbage illegally shipped to the Philippines.

The said garbage consists of 69 containers or 1,300 tons of waste materials illegally shipped to the Philippines in 2013 from an Ontario-based company Chronic Incorporated.

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