Guests share why they support the Mission on cardboard signs. | Photo by Gerardo Hernandez

LAS VEGAS – One of the most anticipated events of the year, the 8th annual “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” invited the greater Las Vegas community to turn their support into action by walking one mile from the Las Vegas Review-Journal to the Las Vegas Rescue Mission (LVRM) on Saturday, September 28. The event is part of a joint-collaboration between LVRM, Las Vegas Review-Journal, and the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Proceeds from the event will benefit the Mission’s homeless shelter initiatives and provide essential items including, food, water, clothing and toiletries.

Walk a Mile participants approach the LVRM in groups | Photo by Gerardo Hernandez

The “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” event kicked off an exciting morning of fun, music, and MixxedFit warm ups as guests prepared to trek the mile walk to LVRM. A community affair, many took the opportunity to share why they support the “Walk a Mile in My Shoes” fundraising event.

Walkers approached the LVRM in groups, where they learned about Mission initiatives and the importance of staying involved in the community.

As guests arrived, they received a tour of the LVRM and learned about the services offered to those in need.

Guests pack a sack lunch for someone in need. | Photo by Gerardo Hernandez

Before leaving the premises, guests packed a sacked lunch for an individual in need. Approximately 30,000 meals are provided each month by the LVRM.

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