99 Ranch opens new store in Fremont, CA

Hundreds of shoppers visited the 99 Ranch Market Fremont branch’s grand opening day, taking advantage of the huge deals and giveaways available at the store.

LEADING Asian grocery chain 99 Ranch Market recently opened its new store in Fremont, CA on Wednesday, October 6. The grand opening, which was a huge hit in the Fremont community, was marked with special deals and giveaways (goodie bags) to the first 200 customers. The grocery chain continued its goodie bag promotions in the following two days of the grand opening.

The latest 99 Ranch Market store is located at 46551 Mission Blvd., Fremont, CA 94539.

According to Teddy Chow, Vice President for Marketing and Promotions, the Fremont store fits into their business model as the community has a diversified population who has a huge demand for Asian and mainstream grocery items.

“We know that this is a good location for us,” Chow told the Asian Journal in a brief interview. “We can fulfill people’s needs and provide them a new concept and new experience of shopping.”

Chow revealed that aside from a new design, the  30,000-square-foot  store will feature a more than 400-seat capacity food court scheduled to open in late October, which will have popular eateries like Chicken Meets Rice, Shiba Ramen, Kokolo Donburi and One Zo, aside from their own dimsum and food-to-go counter; the Piju Social Hour bar, which will allow patrons to socialize and order their favorite alcoholic beverages; a Bakery, for people to buy or order baked goods like breads, cakes and pastries; and the usual store sections (produce, meat & seafood) and aisles laden with a good cross-section of Asian and mainstream grocery items that people have come to love and that 99 Ranch Market is known to carry.

A new interior design concept features dark colors and new lighting designed to highlight grocery and food items within the store.

The interior design concept in the Fremont store, which features darker colors, a new lighting scheme and higher ceilings, Chow added, are executed to highlight the food items, and bring a cozy, elegant atmosphere for shoppers to enjoy.

Future 99 Ranch Market locations will also carry the new interior design, which, Teddy said, is still being tweaked and developed as more restaurants and business partners join their operations.

A new feature at the Fremont store is the “Latest Trends in Store” shelf which shows the top items being bought via the 99 Ranch Market mobile app, which is also available for purchase by shoppers in the store.

One thing that grocery shoppers will notice is that the 99 Ranch Market in Fremont has a space devoted to the “Latest Trends in Store,” which is an offshoot of their mobile app. The section features top items that online shoppers are ordering that can also be purchased by shoppers in the store.

99 Ranch Market has also clearly marked special buy items in the store, with some stands designated with signage stating, “Best Choice,” “On Sale,” “Top Picks” or “Great Deals.”

Along with clean, clearly-marked grocery aisles that carry hundreds and hundreds of sought-after items, shoppers can find select seafood and meat as well as neatly-packed and arranged produce (fruit and vegetables) in the store, some of which are sourced from local suppliers by the grocery giant.

99 Ranch Market was established in 1984 by Mr. Roger Chen. As a Taiwanese immigrant, he noticed a cultural gap in the typical American supermarket where he saw a need for an Asian supermarket in surrounding communities. He filled that gap and thus, the very first 99 Ranch Market was born. The company slogan, “For 100, we try harder” demonstrates our commitment to always provide the best products and services to the communities we serve. “Ranch Market” represents freshness and symbolizes our promise to deliver the freshest products. With the support of our loyal customers, hardworking employees, and supportive vendors, 99 Ranch Market has grown to become one of the largest Asian supermarket chains with more than 60 stores across 10 states.

The success of 99 Ranch Market in the supermarket industry has made the brand more than just a typical grocery chain store as they have become closely associated with Asian American communities. 99 Ranch Market strives to give back and enrich lives with various community involvement programs. 99 Ranch Market is proud to become the “Gateway to Asia” and provide opportunities for mainstream American families and global customers to experience the authentic flavors of Asian cuisines.

For more information about the new Fremont store of 99 Ranch Market, please go to 99ranch.com or call 510-487-8899.

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