In-person services suspended at Philippine Consulate in SF

THE Philippine Consulate General in San Francisco (PCGSF) announced on Tuesday, July 21 that it has suspended all applications for consular services that are done in-person effective Thursday, July 20 in a release sent out by its Cultural, Community and Public Information Section.

The suspension is due to the directives by California Gov. Gavin Newsom and San Francisco Mayor London Breed mandating the closure of offices in non-critical sectors, and also to safeguard the health and well-being of applicants and personnel, the release stated.

Appointments for the following applications that require in-person services were cancelled July 23 until further notice:

• Passport renewal
• Passport release (important note: new passports are to be released by mail)
• Notarization services
• Dual citizenship (important not: applicants may be submitted via email)
• Social Security System.
Only the following services that are submitted via mail will be attended to:
• Extension of passport validity
•Travel Document
• Civil Registry applications (Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, Report of Death, Consular Mortuary Certificate)
• Dual citizenship (submitted via email).

The PCGSF, at the same time, released detailed information on services it can provide at this time and how to contact consular divisions via email.

Passport Services

Those who have an urgent travel to the Philippines are advised of the following:

• If their passport is still valid, they may wish to apply for the extension of their passport’s validity. Details may be accessed at this link:

• If their passport validity has expired or the passport is lost, they may apply for a Travel Document which may be used for one-way travel to the Philippines and is valid for thirty (30) calendar days. Details may be accessed at this link:

Those who have already applied for passport renewal may request to have their new passport mailed to them. Details may be accessed at this link:

For other queries regarding passport concerns, the public can send an email to

Notarization Services

Those in need of notarization services may apply for an Apostille with their respective Secretaries of State. For queries regarding legal concerns, the public can send an email to

Civil Registry Applications

Those filing civil registry applications (Report of Birth, Report of Marriage, Report of Death, Consular Mortuary Certificate) are advised to mail-in their applications to the Consulate. For queries regarding civil registry applications, the public can send an email to

Dual Citizenship

Those applying for dual citizenship are advised to send their documents (application form, PSA birth certification, naturalization certificate) by email to, or to mail their physical documents to the Consulate for pre-review. Those who are eligible for dual citizenship based on the pre-review shall be advised of the next steps via email or phone call.

Emergency Services

Those in need of emergency services (e.g. due to death in the family, medical emergencies, legal concerns) are advised to send an email to or call (415) 269-2090.

Social Security System

For inquiries regarding SSS services, send an email to or call (415) 757-0641.

The Tuesday release also noted that “to counter the surge in COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations, San Francisco ordered all indoor malls and non-essential offices to close, effective Monday, July 20. The pause in the city’s reopening shall continue indefinitely until critical indicators related to the spread of COVID-19 improve. Mayor Breed also reserved the option to close additional sectors beyond those mandated by the state in order to reduce the ongoing surge of cases and hospitalizations.”

“The Consulate advises all Filipino-Americans in its jurisdiction to continuously follow state and local health directives, practice good hygiene, wear masks, practice social distancing and limit going outside except for essential services. Those who come in contact with confirmed cases of COVID-19 and/or experience symptoms are advised to get tested and self-quarantine for at least fourteen (14) days,” it added.

  1. Im us citizen how i can apply for visa im going back to mnl for just two weeks or any idea when the govt will lift the travel ban for all us passport holder

  2. Thank you.

    I’m gathering all my paper works for my dual citizenship application. Hopefully this will not take long for I’m planning to visit Cebu .

    Maraming salamat sa inyo.

  3. I am a dual citizen, Filipino-American got married to a naturalized Filipino now a US citizen. My Re-acquisition/Retention of Filipino Citizenship was still under my maiden name. Me and my husband would like to spend the Holiday Season and the forthcoming 93rd birthday of my mother. My husband and I both have US passport which mine also under my maiden name. I’m not able to apply for a Philippine passport due to this pandemic. My question is, can I get an expedited Philippine passport? If so, can my husband travel with me just by showing our marriage contract/certificate and my dual citizenship certificate?
    If not, how can we apply for a Temporary or Long Term Visitor’s Visa to the Philippines and how long it will take?

    Thank you…

  4. i made an appointment for passport renewal for Ma. Luz E. Redita and Gilda E. Redita last Sept.21, until now i haven’t received a confirmation.

  5. i want to renew my philippine passport.
    my sons priority date is April 2 2012 so that i can provide all the requirements to proceed the petition
    pls tell me what to do to have an appointment
    thank you

  6. I am a dual citizen and I want to spend vacation in the Philippines once the pandemic is over. Do I still need to obtain a Philippine Passport. If so, can I renew it online?

  7. I’m an American citizen , I do own a Cando in Boracay , after I bought my ticket to fly to manila in June leaving to manila on August 22 , I got surprised at the San Francisco airport that it required a visa just few days before my travel, anyhow I did not board the flight and I left home , I have been contact the Philippine conciliate in San Francisco many time by phone and E- Mail many time no answer , even I went to their website to gather or the information about the documents for the visa, and I sent all the documents required including a money order a check for $60 , it has been over 3 months so far I never herd from them and they never cashed my check yet , even the philippine air line will never refound my ticket they said I have to rebook with a fee. how can I rebook if I can’t get a visa , any idea

  8. I am an American Citizen. All my application have been completed. I have been trying to call the number to schedule an appointment for Dual Citizenship but I have no luck to get in touch with anybody. I respectfully request to set up an appointment for Dual Citizenship? Thank you very much in advance. I really appreciate it. Also, please let me know how can I get a visa? Please help.

    Thank you,

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