Groundbreaking ceremony celebrates future home of St. Cabrini Health Care Services

Architect Ludi Cruz Herrera’s rendering of St. Cabrini Health Care Services’ future corporate headquarters in La Cañada.

A formal groundbreaking ceremony was held on Monday morning, October 4, 2021, in La Canada to mark the start of construction of a new two-story, 4,750 square foot office building located on Indianola Way, which will serve as St. Cabrini Health Care Services LLC corporate headquarters, which is owned by Grace Mercado Ouano and her husband Rupert Ouano. Grace and Rupert Ouano have been planning to move their corporate headquarters to La Canada for several years. La Cañada has been home for the Ouanos for 26 years and they are now delighted to be able to bring their corporate business headquarters to La Canada as well.

Grace Mercado Ouano (3rd from left) and her special guests dig in at the groundbreaking ceremony for St. Cabrini Health Services’ future headquarters. From left: Contractor Don Fennel, Sandy Matarazzo, Grace Mercado Ouano, Monsignor Antonio Cacciapuoti, Philippine Consul General Edgar B. Badajos, La Cañada Mayor Michael T. Davitt, and architect Ludi Cruz Herrera.

This office building, designed by architect Ludi Cruz Herrera, will house the offices for all their several health care and related business and non-profit entities and will serve as the center from which they can ensure that they continue to provide the highest quality health care to every one of their patients in each of their five facilities.

The headquarters will also house the offices for The Grace O Foundation. Its mission is to research, explore and report on the role of food/nutrients in wellness, aging and longevity, and to promote healthy, sustainable food and nutrition efforts, as well as supporting nutrition education and food advocacy programs, especially for an aging population. The Foundation will support food and wellness programs, churches, and those in need. As part of the Foundation’s efforts, this building will also house the Grace O FoodTrients test kitchen.

Philippine Consul General Edgar B. Badajos and La Cañada Mayor Michael T. Davitt

Grace and Rupert Ouano could not build their corporate offices in La Canada without the support of the La Cañada City Council and Mayor. Grace began the ceremony with a short speech about her plans for moving her businesses to La Canada. She also thanked Mayor Michael T. Davitt, who spoke a few words to honor this ground-breaking and to welcome Grace.  Mayor Davit was followed by the Filipino Consul General Edgar B. Badajos, who also spoke in honor of the ceremony.

Before the ceremony concluded with the traditional first shoveling of earth, Monsignor Antonio Cacciapuoti provided a blessing of the building, which should be completely built and ready for occupancy in approximately one year.

Before leaving, all the quests who witnessed the ceremony were presented with some delicious FoodTrients treats prepared especially for this celebration, as well as with copies of Grace O’s two cookbooks, The Age Gracefully Cookbook and The Age Beautifully Cookbook.

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  1. Thanks for Sharing. Congratulation on this achievement. I am so happy for you Grace.
    God bless Sr. Clotilde

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