Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk (RR/CC) Dean C. Logan announced the second weekend of voting with a larger number of Voter Centers opening to service voters throughout Los Angeles County.

On Saturday and Sunday, February 29 and March 1, the Registrar’s office is scheduled to open an additional 744 Vote Centers throughout L.A. County – reaching a total of 977 Vote Centers prior to Election Day. Given the size and scale of the additional locations, there is some likelihood that some Vote Centers will experience a delay in opening.

The Registrar encourages all voters to check the Vote Center Locator Tool prior to traveling to a Vote Center. The Vote Center Locator Tool will be updated throughout the weekend to reflect which locations are open and available for voters.

A guide to the new voting experience

Under the new voting model, voters are no longer tied to a single voting location. If a Vote Center is experiencing a delay, voters can go to any Vote Center listed on the locator tool.

Logan also reminded voters voting in person to select the “MORE” button when using the Ballot Marking Devices to see all candidates in the contest before making selections. Posted information and handouts at the Vote Centers provide information on the features of the new equipment.

An option to speed up the voting experience by reviewing and pre-marking ballot selections is available using the new Interactive Sample Ballot.

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