Solo Exhibition of International Art Master Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang at the Contemporary Art Center, January 23-27

[World News Thailand] The artistic accomplishment of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang has been acclaimed by Professor Stephen Farthing, an art scholar of world authority; who remarked that “Dr. Wang’s paintings may draw heavily on the traditions of Eastern art, but they present themselves as extraordinarily Western ideas and images.” Professor Farthing has served as the Rootstein Hopkins Research Chair of Drawing at the University of the Arts in London, and is a member of the Royal Academy of Arts in the U.K. He also said that “Dr. Wang’s paintings very elegantly bring two forces together—the force that rejects perspective and the force of Photorealism.”

The ink paintings of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang are characterized by an out-of-this-world aura that she created effortlessly; the compositions are audacious and elegant, held together by the fluidity of the ink without a trace of the brushes. The distinguished style brings about magnificent ambience filled with vivacious energy.

On July 30, 2008, the United States Congress recognized Dr. Yuhua Wang as a “great artist and sculptor” and officially chronicled such recognition in the Congressional Record. The same record also mentioned that Dr. Wang “takes great pleasure in helping others, is a selfless person whose moral character is noble, and has made great contributions to the development of cultural exchange between the East and the West.”

The paintings by Dr. Yuhua Wang are created from the foundation of Superrealism. Her art transcends the art of noble style and grand ambience. Such achievements have established Dr. Wang as an international master in the art world.

In 2013, President George Christophides of the World Federation of UNESCO Clubs, Centers, and Associations (WFUCA) led a group of experts to visit the International Art Museum of America. The group highly commended Dr. Yuhua Wang’s artworks that were on view at the time. On the spot, they conferred one of her artworks with the title “2013WFUCA,”and especially issued a Passport for Global Ethics to the International Art Museum of America.

The solo exhibition of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang is co-sponsored by the Department of Culture of Thailand and the Rare Art, Inc. of the United States. The exhibition will be held January 23-27; open daily from 10am to 7pm. Please call +66 818378961 for further information. Exhibition venue: Second floor, Ratchadamnoen Contemporary Art Center, Department of Culture of Thailand, 84 Rachadamnoen Avenue, Khwaeng Wat Thep Maha, NAKHON 10200, Thailand. Tel: +66 2 4228827.


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  1. Chinese American Artist Professor Yuhua Shouzhi Wang Received “International First-Class Artist” Title

    The ink-wash paintings of Dr. Yuhua Shouzhi Wang are characterized by a divine and natural artistic conception. The paintings’ layout arrangements are bold and easy, the energy contained and expressed in the ink is fluid and powerful, and there is not a trace of trying. They exhibit such a high and broad state that there is a magnificent ambience filled with vivacious energy. Her painting skills in Surrealism has attained an artististic conception level that famous artists in the past never touched. The paintings by Dr. Yuhua Wang are established on the foundation of Surrealism. They have surpassed the art of nobility and grandiosity. With that achievement, She has become an international master of art in the art world.

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